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Thank You Roy

Hello Roy and Readers,
                                  I thought i should share this with your readers Roy, as i was particularly impressed with your gentlemanly service........  I recently enquired as to the value of some stone artefacts i had in my possession.  Roy answered and although he doesn't buy such articles, he immediately suggested that i try a friend of his at Cheshire Demolition in Macclesfield.

Flag Theft

Hi there!
             I've been trading in Natural York Stone Flags now for over twenty years.
Something that never ceases to surprise me, is how often our customers tell us the same story, over and over again.  I'm talking of course, about those amongst us, who, quite brazen facedly, steal stone flags for a living.
Personally, i've never needed to steal york stone flags.  I've always found that paying a decent price for them, generally keeps me and mine in clover.

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Thank You Roy
Flag Theft


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