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In order to meet this demand, the flag had to be at least 1.2 metres long, 1 metre wide and at least 50 mm thick.


Last but not least, the surface of the flag, needed to be of a smooth, 'Cathedral' nature - a term used to describe the smoothness of a flag, after it had been walked on for hundreds of years in a Cathedral.

Huge pathways can be laid, incorporating the

Cathedral Millionaire in a winding, overlapping manner.


This huge flag was originally brought into the yard, to satisfy the demand for a flag, big enough to fit a full standard fireplace hearth, in one singular slab. 


Demand stressed that the flag needed to be fettled (dressed) on all four of its edges and for it to be 'treated', or 'aged', in order to resemble the patina, of a naturally weathered, reclaimed, 

York Stone Flag.

The term 'Millionaire' was derived from the cost involved for such a flag to be made available. In short, a customer had to be of Millionaire status, to afford such an expensive and grand-looking product. 

The name 'Cathedral Millionaire' had been coined and the price fixed at ......

£210 +vat

Since the introduction of the Cathedral Millionaire, customers have been flagging around larger properties, such as mansions, using a mixture of stone cobbles, or 4" granite setts to off-set this grandiose flag. It would seem the 'Millionaire' title had truly found it's calling!

How good does this look?


However, this versatile slab can be cut up to suit many purposes, such as coping stones for walls, short or long .....


Cathedral Millionaire Coping Stones

Due to the obvious size of the Cathedral Millionaire; several running lengths of coping stone can be cut from just one flag. 

Careful planning can maximise the total linear meterage of coping stone achieved.

Re-fettling the visible edges is also an easy process

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